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The Lakland 55-02 Story... (happy ending)

As of today, I am a proud Lakland owner! :) 

My long-term search of finding the ultimate 5 string bass guitar for the stage (Believe me, I have tried many many other brands, many configurations, in many cities around the world, in many stores, luthiers and factories in each city) has been concluded by my flight today from Istanbul to Mersin to meet Lakland Basses' distributor of Turkey, Mr. Ersin Topkarci. He's also the owner of Limon Muzik and the famous web site BasMarket, the one and only bass-only Music Store, serving a very unique and niche market of Turkish bassists. Very nice, very cool person indeed. And a very honest businessman - focus firstly keeping and making the customer happy, and trying to help the customer in any way possible, then make some earnings and profit. That's my kind of making a purchase, and establishing a long-term friendship and business. Seriously, a very nice man, not like many other re-seller or distributors here in Turkey, exactly.. Highly Recommended! 

So we met, and instantly started playing the beautiful Lakland 's... Wow.. all of them have the very rich standard(s)s for my consideration... But I had to choose one... So I chose the 55-02 model, but I had two alternatives : The 55-02 2012 Deluxe Limited models, one with the maple fretboard and the other with rosewood fingerboard :

Hours of playing the two 55-02's, I chose the rosewood one, with flamed maple top, and rosewood fingerboard, the reason - It was more darker than the maple as of the tone, but had much more of the bass sound I have been searching for, so we shook hands, and that's it - I got my ultimate 5 string bass :)

As for my first findings

1.The bass's tone is very clear, and seems to be sitting well in the mix, as I have recorded every 5 string I have found to the iPad and compared the results, this one is the best for my hearing! 

2. This bass has very, and VERY, low action! incredible! very comfortable and easy to play, I could never believe that a bass may have such low action - I have read many forum posts before meeting with the bass, and they sure really are right - incredibly low action! I have never played with such comfort ability and ease in life, really... Before, I could not use low action, because of the sloppiness and low sustain and fret buzz, especially - But this bass has the low action, also much sustain and no sloppiness!

3. Harmonics - They shine out with this bass and every possible position I play harmonics from - I get better sounds and results... And the harmonics are now audible in the mix -  Very handy, and very yummy for me :)

4. The Build Quality - Yes, it is remarkable! Very good finish on both the body and the neck - The bridge, pickups, knobs, and tuners are all of the best quality and chosen very wisely by Lakland. And last thing to mention the neck has been gone through a machine called PLEK, which measures the fret height on the neck in very very small amount and corrects and artefacts (cuts the higher frets if necessary) - This is a technology like no other, and surely better than hand made fret correction!

I will write a detailed review for Sound Magazine TURKEY, and will make a broader explanation of the bass, so this is enough for now :)

So, with small modifications (replaced the knobs, actually), I returned to Istanbul, took the bass on the stage and every musician in our band, our musical director, sound team, roadies and our brilliant artist Murat Boz, everyone was very very happy after they heard the very first note from the 55-02 :

Again, and again the very best decision in my career! Thank you Lakland, and Mr. Ersin Topkarci :)