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LH-3 Preamp Mid Settings Adjust

As some of you may know, there is a hidden multi switch under the panel at the rear, in the electronics department for fine tuning the mid control's frequency... This means if you want to adjust the frequency being cut or boosted by means of turning the mid knob on the bass could be changed, what a very nice feature for freaks like me :)

Here is a picture showing the hidden frequency control - you may adjust the frequency by turning on or off the four switches, one at a time, or two, or more...:

As you see, the frequency may be adjusted for 225,250,275,450,500,550,600,900,1100 hz - The factory default frequency is set to 600 by Lakland.

Instantly, after learning about this modification, i opened up the rear panel and started experimenting with the mid frequencies, and here are the recordings i made with different frequency settings, so, these may help you in finding the best frequency for your taste or situation :

Settings : Mid and Treble Knob (Pot) boosted - a little - say, it's 2 o'clock :)

225 HZ :  
250 HZ :  
275 HZ :  
450 HZ :  
500 HZ :  
600 HZ :  
900 HZ :  
1100 HZ :

Again, i was amazed with Lakland's LH-3 preamp, and want to thank them for giving us the players the preference and freedom to adjust our sound, this is a very wonderful and truly an amazing extra option with any piece of equipment! and fun for freaks like me :)