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18V Preamp MOD

I should confess, Before and after buying my precious Lakland 55-02, i did a LOT of research, I mean, a LOT!! I discovered the Lakland Owners Group website when i googled upon 18v preamps - There was a guy who put two 9v batteries in the 55-02 who claimed to have much more clarity and headroom on the bass sound... He had a video but, the 18v mod was not really noticeable since it was a youtube video... So, the freaky voice inside my head instantly ordered me to try this mod, put two 9v batteries in the Lakland 55-02.. I could not wait to test the results :)

First thing, I opened the electronics department, once again to reveal the electronics and opened up the battery cover... Once I removed the battery inside, I could finally trace the black and red wires going into the battery department - the wires i was going to cut to insert one other 9v battery holder...

So I cut the black and red wires from the original battery holder and soldered the second battery holder between... The trick here is you have to combine same colored wires all-together :

Red wire soldered to electronics - red wire from 1st battery - red wire from 2nd battery

And so on for the black wire :)

And then i found a nice sitting point in the electronics department for the second battery - just near the LH-3 preamp...

And then I recorded some riffs for myself to assess the difference in sound :

9V  :

As you may notice, there is now much more of a headroom and the sound is PUNCHIER and much more CLEANER, again, a very successful mod, and I couldn't be more happier, since I have modified, and customized my Lakland, I successfully fed the freak inside me :)

Hope this mod helps anyone with a Lakland and any Lakland player owning the already brilliant LH-3 preamp, putting two batteries on it made it clearer and gave more headroom for popping and slapping ;)